Tamil Nadu CM MK Stalin urges President Ramnath Kovind for the early release of seven convicts in Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination.

Chief Minister M K Stalin of Tamil Nadu sent a letter to Indian President Ramnath Kovind (Ramnath Kovind) requesting the early release of Nalini, Murugan, Santana, Peravaran, Jayakumar, all of whom were convicted of murdering former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi.

The original death sentence was changed to Article 161, and the Supreme Court changed the death sentence of the other three criminals to life imprisonment.

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He also mentioned that most of the Tamil Nadu political parties have asked for a moratorium on the rest of their sentences because they have been imprisoned for about thirty years. CM Stalin stated that on September 9, 2018, the Tamil Nadu government recommended that the governor of the state waive the rest of the seven convictions and release them early, but the investigation is awaiting investigation by the CBI’s multidisciplinary monitoring agency.

Tell the Supreme Court that there is no connection between the conviction and the investigation. The governor subsequently stated that ”President of India is the competent authority to rule on guilty pleas”. In the past thirty years, these seven people have experienced countless difficulties and tortures, and they have paid a heavy price for this.

Therefore, I ask the distinguished President to accept the recommendations of the state government in 9.2018 and approve the corresponding orders, Stalin said: “Seven criminals were sentenced to life imprisonment.” After CM Stalin agreed to his mother’s request for a one-month medical procedure, he ordered Perarivalan to take 30 days of leave.

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