Sidhu has consistently accused Amarinder Singh of shielding the Badal family in the sacrilege and police firing cases and blamed him for the botched-up probe in the Kotkapura case.

Punjab lawmakers Navjot Singh Sidhu and Pargat Singh criticized Prime Minister Captain Amarinder Singh on various issues, and they continued to do so before a three-person committee sent by Congress to resolve partisan disputes before next year’s elections. Sidhu has been accusing Amarinder Singh of protecting the Badar family from blasphemy and being dismissed by the police and accused him of failing his investigation in Kotkapura. 

He is a member of the Indian committee chaired by opposition leader Rajya Sabha Mallikarjun Kharge. Parliamentary Punjab Affairs Committee (AICC) Secretary-General Harish Rawat and former Congressman Jai Prakash Agarwal are the other members of the committee. After the meeting, Sidhu said that he was here at the invitation of the Supreme Command. 

“My position is the same, the same, and the democratic power of the people who enter the government in the form of taxation will also be the same. Please… every citizen should become a shareholder in progress. The truth can be Punish, but cannot be defeated. We have to let the truth prevail and defeat the anti-Punjabi forces,” a politician who is a cricketer told reporters.


Between June and October 2015, three incidents of Guru Grant Sahib desecration occurred in the Faridkot area, sparking outrage and protests in the state. On October 14th of the same year, two demonstrators were shot dead by police in Behbal Kalan. On the same day, the police opened fire on the demonstrators in Kotkapura. 

The Prime Minister promised to take severe measures against blasphemy and police shooting. On April 9 this year, the Supreme Courts of Punjab and Haryana overturned the investigation of the Bangtan Special Police. The Investigation Team (SIT) released the Kotkapura police. The state government has established a new SIT pursuant to a court order. OMS Amritsar Vostok issued a brief statement after the meeting, but did not respond to media questions. 

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Pargat Singh, who has a close relationship with Sidhu, is known for questioning the Prime Minister’s work style, failing to fulfill key investigative promises and the public’s perception that the captain and Badali are closely related. In their one-on-one interviews, MLA Jalandhar Cantonment also provided committee members with a copy of a letter they wrote to CM about 18 months ago, expressing their disgust with the state government. “Although there is no problem with the flow of development funds, there are still some promises that have not been fulfilled,” said the former Indian hockey team captain.

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