Odisha Special Relief Commissioner Pradeep Jena held a high-level meeting with the secretaries of all departments of the state government and the officials of the IMD to access the preparedness.

After Hurricane Tauktae hit the West Coast states, around the morning of May 26, another cyclone may hit the Odisha-West Bengal coast. According to IMD, around May 22, an area of ​​low pressure may be formed in the northern Andaman Sea and the central and eastern Bay of Bengal. There may be a depression around May 23, and there may be a hurricane storm on May 24.

It may move Northwest and reach Orissa in West Bengal. Around the morning of May 26. He said: “The Meteorological Department said that on May 23, the sea conditions in the Andaman Sea and the eastern Gulf of Bengal will become very severe. On Thursday, the relevant authorities were also ordered to take preventive measures against Hurricane IAS Pradeep Kumar Jena said that although IMD predicted on Wednesday that a potential hurricane storm will form in the northern Bay of Bengal by May 25, the exact location of the landfall has not been determined on May 26.


With the help of technology and manpower, prepare for the imminent disaster. After the Cyclone Yaas summit, Jena spoke to the media, saying that the public administration is ready to review all possible situations.Jena said: “At present, nothing is known about the cyclone storm and its location, but we will speed up the action based on IMD’s forecast.” Khabibur Rahman Biswas, Director of the Regional Meteorological Center, told the “India Today” TV station, expecting Rainfall in most areas will begin on May 25.

Moderate rainfall will begin in the coastal areas of Odisha, and there will be large waterfalls in remote areas. From May 23 to 25, fishermen are required not to venture into the deep waters in the center of the Bay of Bengal, and from May 24 to 27, not to venture into the waters along the coast of Orissa in the northern Bay of Bengal. It is recommended that fishermen who have gone to sea return to land before May 23. From April to May, in the months before the monsoon erupts, there are frequent cyclones on the east and west coasts. Two cyclones occurred in May 2020: Supercyclone Storm Amphan and Severe Cyclone Storm Nisarga, which hit the east coast and west coast respectively.

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