The Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court will review the application of the “International Red Horn Notice” in favor of Indian lawyers to the fugitive businessman and diamond dealer Mehul Choksi. Dominica’s prosecutors filed a written petition before the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court’s hearing on Tuesday. Regarding whether he wants it or not. 

Although Indian investigators are closely monitoring the outcome of the hearing, lawyers are expected to discuss whether Dominica is prepared to issue an international red coal notice in favor of India and whether their nationality will be a factor in the court’s ruling. Choksi’s lawyer asked the court to deport him back to the country if he was deported to Antigua and Barbuda, where he is already facing extradition proceedings and Antigua citizenship revocation cases, but he is protected and will not be immediately Deported from India. 

“My client, Mr. Mehul Choksi, is a citizen of Antigua and is entitled to all constitutional guarantees, the Antigua Constitution and all the remedies available to him under the law, and he even successfully used these remedies,” Choksi’s lawyer Say. In India, Vijay Aggarwal claimed in an interview with The Hindu that Choksi was “kidnapped” from Antigua by a group of people headed by a woman who had befriended him in the wrong place, and Antigua Prime Minister Gaston Brown said Choksi is still an Indian citizen because he has not yet completed the retirement process. 

Mr. Agarwal pointed out, “According to Article 9 of the Citizenship Act, once a person obtains citizenship from any other country, he ceases to be an Indian citizen. “As Choksi did when he obtained Antigua citizenship in 2017 Like that. He and his nephew Nirav Modi were accused of embezzling 13.5 billion rupees of non-performing loans from the National Bank of Punjab. They later fled India and were persecuted by a group of investigators. They held documents to the Dominican court. If the court ordered, they wanted to remove them. Bring back to India.

“In our opinion, we need to prove that the crimes he is suspected of committing, regardless of his Antigua citizenship, were committed while he was an Indian citizen, at least before he obtained Antigua citizenship,” IPS senior official Rubin Sharma said. And the author of a book on extradition procedures. “Even foreigners can violate Indian laws and commit crimes. They have no immunity in India,” he added. Dominica’s bruises and injuries will be part of Dominica’s lawsuit because they claim he was forcibly expelled from Antigua. “All these theories about Mr. Choksi’s voluntary departure from Antigua are contrary to common sense. 

They let you stay in Antigua. Secondly, someone told me that your passport is only valid in Antigua, so no one will have no passport in your pocket. He tried to escape under the circumstances. The tear marks on his body and passport. Now, this factor has created the conditions for kidnapping,” Mr. said.According to Shama, injuries may complicate Choksi’s case. His team successfully extradited a criminal underworld accused of conspiracy to bomb Mumbai in 1993 and Abu Salem in Portugal in 2005. The long legal battle. But the prosecutor can also argue that a fugitive jeweler “personally planned the disappearance, complicating the extradition case, and delaying his return to India in multiple jurisdictions. 

Shama told RCN, December 2018 The red corner notice issued this month was not enough for the Caribbean islands to extradite Choksi to India. It only helped “find and arrest refugees.” He added that there was no “extradition” except for some countries that allow the extradition of refugees identified by the Interpol Global Alliance Obligations.” “Extradition depends on treaties-bilateral or multilateral, and reciprocal and diplomatic relations between countries. “-Mr. Sharma added.

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