CBSE Class 12 board exams 2021 have been cancelled. The decision to cancel the Class 12th CBSE board exams was taken after a meeting chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Following today’s meeting chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the 2021 CBSE Level 12 exam has been cancelled. According to the decision made in April, the results of CBSE Level 12 will be provisionally based on clearly defined objective criteria. Regarding the 2021 CBSE Level 10 exam, Prime Minister Modi stated that due to the uncertainty caused by the pandemic, the decision on the CBSE Level 12 exam is in the best interests of students. : 30 hours to discuss the fate of the CBSE exam and other government committees in the context of Covid-19. The officials detailed the extensive and extensive consultations conducted so far and the comments received from all stakeholders including the state government.

12th board exam

What PM Modi said about the CBSE Board exams 2021

“The health and safety of our students is the most important, and there is no compromise in this regard,” said Prime Minister Modi, who said that students, parents, and teachers should pay attention to the possibility of passing the exam. He said that at this time, such polls will not pose a threat to our young people. “Under such stressful circumstances, students should not be forced to take exams,” the prime minister said, adding that everyone needs to be involved. The Prime Minister said that the Covid situation is dynamic across the country. Although their number in the country is declining, and some states are responding to this situation with effective micro-defenses, some states still choose 1. In this case, students, parents, and teachers will naturally care about the health of the students. Looking back at the extensive consultation process, the Prime Minister expressed appreciation for the student-friendly decision made after consulting all stakeholders in India. He also thanked the states for their feedback. It was also decided that, like last year, the CBSE will provide this opportunity for students who wish to take the exam when conditions are favorable.

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High-level meetings conducted by PM on board exams 2021

The Prime Minister previously held a high-level meeting attended by ministers and officials on May 21, followed by a ministerial meeting on the 23rd. The meeting discussed options for conducting the CBSE exam and received comments from states and UT. Attending today’s meeting were the Minister of the Interior, the Minister of Defense, the Minister of Finance, the Minister of Trade, the Minister of Information and Broadcasting, the Minister of Petroleum, the Minister of Women and Children, and the Federal Director-General. Secretary of the Prime Minister, Secretary of the Cabinet, Secretary of Schools and Colleges, and other officials.

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